Compensation for District Approved Interpreter (DAI)

District Approved Interpreters (DAI) should be compensated by the school or site. All DAI are paid a flat $30 per hour rate for all translation and interpretation services that they render beyond and outside of their regular work hours. When requesting a DAI who will be compensated by the school or site, arrangements should be made between the DAI and the school or site. The DAI will request the school's or site's budget "quick code" in order to enter into Oracle the hours worked for that assignment.

Services Provided

DAI are assessed by the district only in consecutive interpretation skills (translation vs. interpretation). If a DAI indicates in the ‘Services Provided' column that he/she can provide translation of documents or simultaneous interpretation, please be aware that this is according to the DAI and that the district currently has no mechanism for assessing translation and simultaneous interpretation skills.

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