Interpretation Agencies for Languages Other Than Spanish

Agency Name
Contact Info
Languages Served Comments
All Languages Alliance, Inc.
Vendor #26111
Nina Ivanichvili
(303) 470-9555 (office)
Translating and interpreting services in more than 100 exotic and common foreign languages: African, Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander and Western European When contacting this agency provide country of origin if possible, especially for uncommon languages
Colorado Language Connection - Asian Pacific Development Center
Vendor #623
Jennifer Wanifuchi
Direct: 303-923-2945
Fax: 303-364-9092
20 years of Interpretation/Translation Experience in over 60 different languages and ASL Serving the Asian American Pacific Islander refugee and immigrant community for over 35 years.
Specializing in Teacher Conferences, Admissions / Enrollment; Individual Education Plans; Progress Reports; Discipline / Truancy
Connect-Itls, LLC
Vendor #51340
Paolo Cruz
Please call for Languages Information  
Gibraltar Crossings, Inc.
Vendor #48636
Graeme Riser
720-548-8559 or 303-261-8887 
Fax: 303-583-8340
Over 125 languages in our global network from: European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern Interpreters in Aurora/Denver-metro area (parent/teacher, medical, legal).  Translation services for documents, certificates, tour guide, travel, etc.
Mile High Multilingual Services LLC
Vendor #40786
Pilar Muñoz
(303) 333-7900 (office)
Languages served: 50: African, Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander  and Western European  
My Linguistic Solutions
Vendor #52702
Maximus Wasef
Akan (Twi), Amharic, Anuak, Arabic, Aramaic, Ati, Bateke, Bhutanese, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Dary (Persian), Dinka, Ewe, Farsi, French, Fujinese, Fulani, Ga, Hausa, Hindi, Hmong, Igala, Italian, Jamican (Paties), Kaldini Or Ashori, Karen, Karenni, Kinyarwanda,  Kirundi, Kisii, Korean, Krio, Kunama, Kurdish, Lai, Lingala, Lisu, Luganda, Malinke, Madarin, Mina, Nepali/Hindi, Oromo, Pashto, Portuguese, Rohingya, Russian, Saho, Sango, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Teke, Temme, Thai, Tibetan, Tigrinya, Tshiluba, Turkeman, Urdu, Vietnamese  
One World Translation
Vendor #45785
303-485-5200 (office)
303-485-5201 (fax)
 Languages served: 60+: African, Asian, Eurasian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Western European   rovides interpretation and translation services
Spring Institute for Cultural Learning
Vendor #29202
303-831-4151 (office)
303-831-4250 (fax)
Languages served:  85: African, Asian, Eurasian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Western European. Provides both interpreters and translators
Vendor #52675
Amanda Sloan
Please call for Languages Information